I don’t wish to suggest that a whole industry of workers speak in a certain way, but making sweeping generalisations seems to be the order of the day, so I am going to give it a go. I guess we are all prone to institutionalisation pretty easily. Just ask Prince Harry (HRH). I’ve…
inspired by Keats, can we accept uncertainties, mysteries and doubts in the broken homelessness system?
put up and shut up and go stack shelves for £3 an hour
We have already done the opposite via the child benefit cap, so why not try it?
Why Wes Streeting is wrong (again)
A Dickensian tale from London's dysfunctional homelessness system
If you peruse the Twitter, you’d only see outrage over Royston Smith MP’s comments about the journalist who was screaming (screeching) at the Prime…
It’s not fashionable to say it these days but I’m glad someone is finally questioning the curious tale of British foodbank usage. People don’t want to…
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sunbeams out of cucumbers